Tuesday, July 14

this weekend.

my calendar for this weekend is slowly reaching breaking point, and i love it.

friday night a group of us are heading to ipswich for a night around the campfire.
i know, it's ipswich, not the friendliest of places... but camping! caravans! tents! vodka! oh it will be an adventure.

also on friday night is a really cool looking exhibition -
against the grain featuring the very talented alex gillies at nine lives gallery.

saturday night i am going to see my wonderful friends glen and
brodie perform with their sweeeeeeet band felinedown.
i love going to their gigs, the music makes me dance, even if i don't want to :)

not to mention, they are supporting one of my favourite australian bands ever,

sunday i get to play with the
brown owls and finally get a move on with my miss buttons softie (i can't even read the pattern without help...)

sunday night i'm having my mum up for dinner which means i can finally give her her
business cards (another one bites the dust, yes!)

is it friday yet?


Kylie said...

Wow! You're pumpin'! Have fun - get lots of sleep this week, sounds like you'll need it ;) K

Anonymous said...

omg that little plush doll is soo cute! and that brown owls illustration reminds me a lil of the "where the wild things are" artwork. pretty and weirdly interesting! yay <3