Wednesday, July 8

victoria mason jewellery.

frankie has been telling me for a few issues to check out victoria mason's jewellery, but i haven't, due to laziness and not really being into jewellery anyway.
this was probably a good thing as now that i have looked i've decided i need every piece.
i am eating today because i hadn't seen this jewellery, but i won't be eating tomorrow :)

victoria makes the sweetest little pieces, including lot's of things i love, like paper planes, tea bags and nice biscuits! (i reeeeeeally want the paper planes earrings...)

why oh why frankie do you deprive me of my life savings?
i hate it.
but i
love it.


Kylie said...

Oh no! Now I'm going to have to go without eating too! I'll feed the chicks and squirrel my portion away to sell on the black market...!
Great find Amy! Thanks for sharing. :) K

Martta said...

I agree they are all so lovely.
I've had my eye on the sharpening necklace for a while now! (hmm,maybe i should sell my twin brother on the black market)