Friday, April 29

beautiful information.

omg, how did i not know geese live to 49?
more coolness at
information is beautiful.



yay to another long weekend!
no better way to begin it then heading to see nikko launch their new album at woodland tonight.
this is of course what i would be doing if my boyfriend's parents weren't in town.
parental fail.
don't they know i've been counting the days for this gig for like, ever?
anyways, should be awesome.



cat rabbit is an ol' faithful winner.
these clips would complete me.


Thursday, April 28

breanna rose.

beautiful packaging design work from breanna.


caitlin foster.

i love these drawings by caitlin, very hannah smith-esque.
and we all know how much i adore hannah!
this is my favourite.

Wednesday, April 27


so i got my hair cut on saturday.
what's that i hear?
big deal we all get hair cuts every six weeks like real girls?
well, not me.
i get hair cuts every three years when i can't lift my head due to extreme hair weight.
hot right?
i can't help it, i just don't care about hair and barely dye my regrowth (ew).
so anyway, hair cut = totally big deal.
luckily my friend is a hairdresser and she knows best.
i finally got that shaved patch i've wanted for years, trimmed the rest to jaw line and killed off an inch of blonde regrowth - win!

so, i am now searching for cool dangly earrings.
i never wear drop earrings as they just got lost in my hair, but now i have a nice baldy patch for them to shine in!
speaking of, i'm also finally organising my neck tattoo to be fixed up (carefully not pictured) :)

behold, etsy goodness;

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

two things.

i found this morning and loved;


this sneak peek is not quite what i normally like but there's something perfect about it.
i'm fairy sure it's the fairy lights and mobiles.
shiny love.

Wednesday, April 20


this post was brought to you by the awesomeness of ffffound.

Tuesday, April 19



terje sorgjerd

amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing stop motion films by terje.
nature is a winner.

theo altenberg.

pretty paintings from theo.

honest logos.

found these via booooooom.
honest and hilarious indeed!

Monday, April 18


a text message conversation between my dad and i yesterday;
dad - "here's a laugh, i was telling your grandma about you going vegan and she thought it was a cult! she said i need to get you out of it. i explained what it really is and she's still not sure."
me - "haha, i love old people. tell her you force fed me steak and saved me if it helps her sleep at night :)"
dad - "i'll tell her that i rescued you and you were dancing naked in the forest at midnight."
me - "don't forget the part about me chanting earth prayers."

i'm going to forward this to grandma!

foreign policy design group.


they are winners.

fresh thrills.

beautiful branding work from fresh thrills, share your talent?