Monday, December 20

Thursday, December 9

libris lunaria.


dear libris lunaria prints, please get on my wall.
looking forward to seeing you, amy.

Tuesday, December 7

am radio.

suggested am radio as a shop i might like... i did.

Friday, December 3

from you for me?

well it's more like for me, for you who crafted these pretties into existance.

sandwich cards.


along with too many other things, these are all i want for christmas.

sneaky peek perfection.


via the sponge.

doesn't quite have the same ring.

Tuesday, November 23

are we there yet?

three of my favourite brisbane bands are playing a gig together next friday at woodland and i am having a small fit of excitement!
no anchor + nikko + axxonn = *passes out*

paper tales.

omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg.
paper tales at nine lives this thursday looks so very amazing!
line up includes some of my favourits - beci orpin, bec winnel, courtney brims, nicholas chalmers and hannah smith!
be still my beating heart!

Thursday, November 18

christmas in a jar.

i saw this last year and was totally set on doing it but of course, i left it til the last second and that didn't happen.
i saw it again this morning on the $120 food challenge blog.
homemade christmas gifts in a jar that is.

cookie mixes, cake mixes, seasoned salts, you put them in a jar, make a cute tag and top with a ribbon.
gifts on a budget that are cool, thoughtful and interactive!
found a few cool ones here and am trying to pick some good ones :)

prismatic print shop.


2011 astrology wall calendar = all i want for christmas.

claudio kirac.


gold coast graphic designer/creative extraordinaire claudio kirac makes things, cool things.
his blog is also a visual delight.