Sunday, December 18

waito print.

this new carly waito print is awesometown.


Saturday, December 17

i want to live here.

the title says it all.
that bed cover with the hanging wall plants destoys me.
via the design files.

Friday, December 16

type quotes.

miss moss likes these quotes - and i do too!
great quotes + sweet typography = win.


Thursday, December 15

small town.

i was really pumped to see
small town tonight at nine lives but it has been postponed 'til next thursday the 22nd.
this means a whole 7 more days away!
oh well, it will be worth the wait - the artists showing are amaaaaazing.
see below!

mia taninaka.

erin forsyth.

justin lee williams.

be there!


gold dipped.

Thursday, December 8

hansje van halem.

hansje - the type master.
via, again, the amazing strange attractor.


Wednesday, December 7

love x 1 million.

wow, this is something i would never think of.
seen here on easy as vegan pie, it actually looks awesome and i am considering moving my funds over soon.
care about animal welfare/the future of our planet etc?
check it out!

guy le tatooer.

so i might be one of those people who love tattoos, has many friends with tattoos, has two tiny tattoos, wants more tattoos but amoung aaaaall my travels and finds and loves, can't commit to a piece of art!
gah, it kills me.
this dude however, can tattoo anything he likes on me.
mad skills.
via the strange attractor.


Tuesday, December 6

little printer.

um, oh my god.
this little printer is the cutest thing i've ever seen.
perhaps one for the 'want', not 'need' list.
but still!
via black*eiffel.


Monday, December 5

junyi wu.

i want to frame it and love it forever and ever.
beautiful work junyi.
via the strange attractor.


Sunday, December 4

home lovin.

a pretty new dream house.
via the design files.


Saturday, December 3


awesome awesome awesome design work from jan!
via the strage attractor.


Friday, December 2

all scared.

i love this photo that sandra took!
totally frame worthy.


Thursday, December 1


super sleek designs from the type master, face37.


Wednesday, November 30