Wednesday, July 1


i won something!
i never win anything, but i won something.
so now i am a something winner!
look at my shiny new brooch.

thank you hayley!
hayley aka
re-read has skills.

she uses them to make the loveliest little brooches.

i happen to be the proud owner of a few already.
it helps that they look particularly awesome on my jewellery tin.

come see re-read at the
brisstyle indie designers markets to take one of these pretties home (unless i beat you to it) :)


Daydream Lily said...

hello, I came across your blog via Three Buttons. Love this brooch, I never win anything either.
happy blogging

Martta said...

The brooches are lovely. Lucky you! I especially love the animals. I want to give the penguin a new home.