Friday, February 19

happy fridaynosaur.

soundwave tomorrow, woo hoo \M/

pics from this place.

Thursday, February 18


awesome, via corey.

Wednesday, February 17

two thousand and ten.

due to the end of last year being insanely hectic, i never got a chance to show you the twenty ten calendars i made for gifts.
at about ten by ten centimeters in size, each one came with a fresh led pencil and was wrapped in brown paper with twine.
of course i left it til the mast minute as with every year and things didn't go as planned, but i am pretty happy with the end product.

here is a progress shot, working out what the dot to dot will look like.

it was a lot harder then i originally expected.
only being able to go over each dot once, while tracing type, is hard.

finally, a decision on the colour palette.

diamonds are cool.


haus interior.

i really love/need this numbers note pad from haus interior.

all their products are a visual feast.

Monday, February 15

bee raw.

i love this bee raw honey packaging so much.

found on designvagabond.

Friday, February 12

rachel domm.

i really love this peace diagram from rachel domm.

and yes everything else she does is cool too.

Thursday, February 11

omg omg omg.

i just won something!
something awesome!
really awesome!
victoria mason gave me a piece of her heart and totally won all of mine in return :)

Monday, February 8

hubero kororo.

amaaaaaazingly awesome cd packaging from hubero kororo.

PAPPELTALKS from vizage on Vimeo.

found at nine lives.

Friday, February 5

today i've ffffound.

all images ffffound.
happy weekend x

last minutes with oden.

this is the saddest, and most beautiful thing i've seen in a long time.

Last Minutes with ODEN from phos pictures on Vimeo.


these are real images of snow, as seen from under a low temperature scanning microscope.
mind blowing!

found via the amazing miss waito.