Sunday, July 5

lovely things.

wow, what a wonderful weekend.
good fun, good people and good weather (aside from the
icey winds).
on top of the bazillion things i did, i finally got around to taking some photos of my new favourite things - warning, you may need a spare 10 minutes just to scroll past all the pics.

making the bed isn't so painful when you have beautiful light.

the brisstyle indie designers markets were
so good!
i knew it was going to be popular but it was seriously packed.
you pretty much had to wait in line just to walk past the stalls!
i saw lot's of lovely
owls there and even got a chance to talk to a few (which was a mission due to the crowds slowly pushing me downstream).
i bought a few cool things but my highlight of the day was watching the sky.
just as we were leaving i saw a plane begin to write something, so we stayed and waited to see what it said.
very slowly each letter joined the words and eventually it spelt out 'marry me leelee'.
isn't that the most beautiful thing!
i kept thinking about how amazing it was that somewhere at the same time, leelee was watching (which was probably either incredibly beautiful or really really bad :)

anyway, enough gooey stuff, here's what i bought!

two very cute heart brooches from
prettyhead designs (this grey one is mine, i gave a red one to my lovely nia).

some beautiful moss green button earrings from up in annies room. i love their name, and i love moss green.

some silver anchor earrings from ruby 2 go go (i'm going through a nautical stage). here's ruby 2 go go's blog and etsy.

after the markets i managed to do a lot more shopping.
here is a beautiful g
eorges de feure print i picked up from the brand new woolloongabba antiques centre (which is awesome!!)

also from the centre, this awesome vintage cigarette tin, i love the detail.

my final purchase from there, this lovely old sieve.

some new books.

the new
frankie, map and peppermint magazines, along with some mooks (magazine/books)

miranda gave me this owl wall hanging, i love her.

i bought this silver chain for the sapphire pendant jeff's parents gave me.
his parents live out on the gem fields in central queensland, i can't believe they find these just laying around in the dirt!

ikea, my happy place (and destroyer of bank account) brought me this pretty rug and some cushions (middle and right cushions).

this middle pot was a freebie from my dad's girlfriend, the other lovelies are from my faaaavourite brisbane seconds shop -

sweet nautical goodness.

did i mention i'm also going through an 'i
need a duck' stage?

how cool is this duck tin, it has six matching coasters inside!

wooden pears are vital.

i got this on special from
pillowtalk - it has serious terrarium potential, i can't wait to get some moss in there!

i bought this owl photo from an artist (i can not remember her name for the life of me, so bad) at the
rose street markets in melbourne and the frame from ikea.

i love green glass bottles, these are from various op shops.

my beautiful succulent garden from the
chandler markets.

oh and here's some bunnies i decoupaged :)

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