Monday, July 27

the last 72 hours.

wow, i had a crazy weekend.
mum called on friday morning saying she needed my help at the cafe - half a day off work, 3 buses, a train and a car ride later i arrived on tamborine.
friday night = mum, her apprentice chef, me and the dishy prepping food for a massive function into the cold hours.
saturday my wonderful karly came to help me survive the weekend.
neither of us had ever waitered before so that was terrifying.
saturday night = blisters, aching knees, general pain all over and more blisters (needless to say that night included wine, chocolate and couches)
sunday = waking at freezing dawn + 50 sandwiches, another full day of running around the cafe (still like a fish out of water) and a long drive home.
my whole body is crying and i have a severe hobble, how bad is that!?
two days in a different job and i am much appreciative of my soft office chair again... i always knew wait staff were troopers but i have a serious new found respect for them.

in other news, i'm almost finished miss buttons!
last night i found the strength to keep my head up in bed and powered through the last few stages of sewing her (all that's left is stuffing and a few stitches) woo!
she's a bit special as it's my first ever attempt at sewing/pattern following/soft toy making but i love her dearly.

another recent craft adventure - tiny bear cross stitch :)

looking through my camera last night, i felt this was blog worthy.
the trees near the west end markets are ridiculously massive!
look at the tiny human underneath!
these trees are wise.

tonight i am going to the new hifi bar in the valley to see
felinedown, it's going to be a treat.
brodie at last week's gig, sexy.

monday night's need vodka - the hifi bar enables this :)

oh you made it this far through my post? awesome.
the next two weeks are down time at work so expect more pretty things and less mindless ramble

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