Monday, October 31


beci wants these arrows from fredericks and mae.
i hope there are enough to go round!


Sunday, October 30

Saturday, October 29

ye rin mok.

some beautiful photos from ye rin mok that the the jealous curator showed me.


Friday, October 28

scholten & baijings.

beautiful bright textiles, found via beci.

Thursday, October 27

Wednesday, October 26

megan perkins.

i saw megan via the design files and have decided i need 1 x each colour of the honeycomb studs.
starting with the aquamarine.


Tuesday, October 25


my friends and i started a new blog.
it's called vegawesome! and is all about vegan food finds and cruelty-free products.

it all started over talks about how many secret vegan things there are.
random stuff you would never think - like iced finger buns, nesquik and cottee's topping!
there are also cruelty-free products that aren't on the eco/green/boutique trend like radox body wash and face of australia make-up.
all my vegan friends and i were finding and sharing all these great non-typical finds.
so, the blog was born, i made a cute banner and we're off!
it will be updated when ever new things are found or great recipes need to be shared.

take a look and please comment or email if you have any secret vegan/cruelty-free finds so we can share it with all :)


weekday honeymoon.

prettiest honeymoon pics.


Monday, October 24


peeking in on cool others, via the sponge.


Sunday, October 23

score + solder.

omg omg omg omg omg.
these score + solder planters/terrariums = amazing!
via design for mankind.


Saturday, October 22

Friday, October 21

you'll be sorry when i'm dead.

i finally just ordered marieke hardy's book you'll be sorry when i'm dead.
i have been meaning to for ages but pip's review just pushed me over.
marieke is absolutely hilarious and i have a feeling the book is going to be a winner!
i'm off to wait by the mail box :)


shapes post card.

these shapes postcards from present & correct are clearly the greatest.
i love the gold splashes.


Tuesday, October 18


dear grey grid paper readers,
just letting you know that i am alive and i have compiled so much cool stuff to show you but work is hectic and home is internet'less.
so please stand by, i'll be back soon!
amy x