Tuesday, May 31

brecht vanderbroucke.

this is the best thing i've ever seen.


Monday, May 30

in haus press.

oh how i love these!
dear letterpress masters, please employ me?

via seesaw.

maya hayuk.

oh i wish i could stretch this over my bedroom ceiling!


gregory euclide.

Saturday, May 28

the world is mine.

download this amazing typeface by dan polyak for free from here!


Friday, May 27


oh hell yes!
via sub-studio.


bear ink.

etsy suggested i might like these earrings from bear ink.
etsy was right and now they're on their way to my letterbox :)


Thursday, May 26

zakka nouveau.

amazing bunny patterns, i love you!


Wednesday, May 25

uncommon goods.

creatures of comfort.

erin pointed out the greatness of this green dress from creatures of comfort.
i decided to go check it out and of course found a million other things i need.


hello and welcome to my new homes.
as per usual, the current owners don't know i'm coming but i am sure they won't mind.
via the sponge.



so simple, so perfect.


emil kozak.

nine lives are so great at filling my life with coolness.
emil kozak is definitely of the cool variety.
seeing designers like this makes me say "woooooooooow" at the same time as saying "oh my god why do i bother."
apparently it's good to have something to strive for, i will be striving hard today.