Friday, December 18

i can taste the sunshine.

christmas times, hectic times.
but somehow i've made it, my last day of work!
i am so very excited to be on holidays and plan on spending the whole two weeks swimming, rumballs in one hand, vodka in the other.
chances of me posting on here in the next two or so weeks are incredibly slim so for now i wish you the merriest of christmas' and a lovely new year :)

Thursday, December 10

tonight, oh yes.

my blood beats black tonight.

tonight i am going to see mr. wolf, it has been too long since we last danced.

Wednesday, December 9

hannah waldron.

beautiful works from hannah waldron.

tap water.

stylish honesty, i love it.

the dieline.

we are land rich.

so it's coming up to christmas... and i'm sure you're all wondering what to buy me...
let me help.
these bulbs of prettiness from
we are land rich make my soul smile.

Tuesday, December 8

op shop.

i decided a trip to the op shop down the road was needed, i didn't prepare for the intense heatwave involved in said task!
that aside, i scored.
i saw this awesome idea on a blog the other day (can not remember for the life of me which one) anyway you basically frame doilies in embroidery hoops.
simple, yet so very effective!
i see so many pretty doilies around the place but never know what to do with them, not any more :)

total cost of doily goodness: $1.50, happiness it brings to my wall: priceless.
also, i found this slightly cute/slighty terrifying hand made santa for $1, it had to come home with me.

today is a good shuffle day.

praying mantis.

this little guy has been praying behind my (frosted) window all day.
apparently they're good luck.
i hope so.

here he is this morning, and this afternoon.
his dancing has certainly kept me entertained.

etsy, my love.

so as you may or may not know, i am addicted to etsy.
i have passed step one, admitting i have a problem.
i have no plans to get to any other steps, then i would have a lot less pretty things.
anyway i've been super busy lately and have avoided my blog, so here are some nice things etsy has brought into my life over the last few weeks.

i got this (natural coloured) rolling pin brooch and rabbit brooch for a friend from
little sparrows.
i've bought many a pretty things from this store before, they rule.

after a garland explosion in blog land, i needed one.
i decided on this pretty little thing from three girls and a goat.
it looks a treat on my wall, must take a picture some time.

i have been stalking/loving olivia's (aka stay home) work for ever.
i finally decided it was the season to be generous... to myself :)
here's the cute little ornament i bought from her.

here is a shot of it in it's new home, my office wall.
olivia also enclosed a cute little hand drawn note on grid paper, love*

tanya johnston.

awesome graphics from tanya johnston.

hello jenuine.

i've been eyeing this zine from hello jenuine for a long time, i feel the time has come to make it mine.
each illustration/page is inspired by lyrics and songs from death cab for cutie.
it's the cutest.

lisa congdon.

needed items from the shop of lisa congdon.

goose grease undone.

diy + wooden dolls + pretty coloured paint + cheap = yes.
thank you
goose grease undone.