Friday, October 30

lola & bailey.

omg omg omg omg omg.
finders keepers is tomorrow!
man it's been a long wait but it's finally here.
i still can't get over how amazing it is that the market hours are midday til nine at night, perfect much?

so yes, i am excited.
it will take me all day if i keep posting awesomeness from different sellers so i am finishing up with
lola and bailey.
you will probably recognise their typographic totes that were doing the blog rounds a few months ago, i love them.
they're simple, they're typey (yes this is now a word) and they're cool.
here are a few more of their things i will be in search for at the markets.

as you can see i have my marketing cut out for me, see you there!

Thursday, October 29

bryan lear.

just found bryan lear, he takes pretty cool photographs.

Wednesday, October 28

karolin schnoor.

preeeeeetty illustrations from karolin schnoor.


it seems everywhere i look there are garlands.
a few months ago i didn't even know what one was, a string of triangle things?
now i have built up a nice healthy (not really) obsession with them.
what is it about a bunch of pretty things stitched together and hanging on a wall that makes me so happy?
i don't care what it is, i just want one.
i saw these lovely oldyarns garlands a few months ago and popped them straight into my favorites.
they're coming to the finders keepers market, it's fate.

states of nature.

i've seen these beautiful states of nature brooches around the place and reeeeeeally love them.
i must have stood in nook for half an hour pondering over them and in the end decided it best to wait.
why did i do this?
why am i not wearing one right now?
states of nature will be selling their pretties this weekend at the finders keepers market, time to make it happen.

p.s the lace brooches own me.

Tuesday, October 27

edward and lilly

i can't believe i haven't blogged edward and lilly yet, i've been proudly wearing my custom owl brooch rebecca so sweetly made me for months now.
not only is rebecca lovely and crafty, she is patient (spending three hours trying to teach me to crochet... fail) and you can see the patience in her products.
each little brooch is perfectly stitched and packaged.
i have my eye on the green hedgehog.

see edward and lilly at this weekend's
finders keepers market.

chi designs.

hello, you wanna know something really exciting?
of course you do.
the brisbane finders keepers markets are on this weekend!
yes i know, it's finally here!
previously mentioned, i will be sharing my favorite market attendees in the coming days.

chi designs.
chi makes really lovely clutches and bags.
i don't even use clutches but i will find a reason for these.
lots of anchors, hearts and stripes (things i love!)