Sunday, August 29

Wednesday, August 25

Sunday, August 22

katie turner.

love this illustration from katie turner, so much.

freunde von freunden.

ok so you know how i'm totally obsessed with sneak peeks and stalking pretty homes, well, i've found something, something spectacular.
now that my beauty-induced fit has ceased, i am ready to share the perfection of fruende von fruenden.
still drooling.

out of stock.

dear out of stock, i love your stock.

Saturday, August 21

Monday, August 16

beastman painted the town z.

it was a happy day when i heard beastman had won the competition to beautify the 4zzz radio building.
i have been meaning to check out the results for ages but have only just found some pics and wow...
my jaw is still on the floor.
having this in brisbane makes my heart smile :)


i bought some sweeeeet five dollar tees from threadless today and will be camping by the mailbox til they reach my wardrobe :)

nouvelle vague.

so very obsessed with this cover right now.


poketo = yes.

i love dust.

delicious, dusty goodness.

naama hofman.

oh what i wouldn't do for one of these lights.
i <3

Friday, August 13

my little eye.

pretty little things from

courtney wotherspoon.

i deerly (get it) love x one million this poster.
i loved it before i knew it's story, but now that i do, i love it even more!
courtney wotherspoon says of her piece, "I don’t know how long it will last, but I did it in response to the over-saturation of ironic taxidermy found just about everywhere these days. I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for the uber-trend but just can’t stand to look into the glassy eyes of a real one on the wall."

so good.


i'm not massive on politics, it's all about voting for the lessor of two/three/more evils really.
i just read this article from
the drum and wow, it's intense.
i totally agree with what clementine is saying and it is both hilarious and depressing.
if you're afraid of the family first party like me, you have to read

stunning image from here.

Friday, August 6

future homes.

some beautiful pictures from design*sponge's sneak peeks.
i can not believe people get to live in homes this lovely.
this one particular image of the little book shelf with roses on top kills me with perfection.
*glows green with envy*