Tuesday, August 21

shiny wins.

 above four from petite co.

above two from vivid by esther.

above two from vivid by bonnilu.  

i want some new earrings so i turned to etsy.
here are some pretties (along with a few bracelets for good measure).


Monday, August 20


just the usual design*sponge perfection.


nathalie choux.

cute ceramic pieces by nathalie choux.
via gems.


Tuesday, August 14

space appreciation.

a little bit fancier than my usual style of home crushes, this space is for when i'm a real girl.
extra appreciation for the beautiful dane lovett piece!
via the always amazing, design files.


Monday, August 13

julian meagher.


totally amazing art from mr. meagher!


Friday, August 10


dreamy pictures from a much warmer place.


Thursday, August 9

needle work/needle play.

this show looks soooo cool and i can't wait to go!

"Needle Work/Needle Play brings together nine contemporary Australian textile artists and craft practitioners who use embroidery in innovative ways working in a wide range of mediums including drawing, soft sculpture, portraiture, footwear, jewellery, and installation to explore the contemporary uses of embroidery."

there are some seriously great artists going, just look at all these skills!