Friday, March 26

olly moss.

olly moss is the shiz.
how can he be my age and have clients like new york times, puma and urban outfitters!?


ink is having a print sale, i would like a.) some money, resulting in b.) these prints;


my work has a company within our company called impress design studio.
we're doing some re-branding at the moment and have all been asked to submit new logo designs.
thought i'd share mine here... cause you know... i go on and on about design but often don't have much to show for it!
so yes, i actually have a day job :)

and this is just a typeface i was messing around with yesterday.

paint my wall by numbers.

wow, this is awesome.
a few years ago i rekindled my love for paint by numbers, especially autumn scenes.
this pretty much rocks my socks off.

Thursday, March 18

pigeon toe.

desperately love this faceted hanging tray from pigeon toe.


prettiness from the pawling store.

Monday, March 15

the mast brothers.

i found these pictures over on the selby and have decided i need both the mast brothers and their chocolate in my life.
the factory, the shop, the beards, the packaging and the product are amazing!

according to the selby;
"The Mast Brothers chocolate factory is New York City's only bean to bar chocolate factory. These photos illustrate the whole process by which the cacao beans are roasted, ground up, processed, aged, tempered and packaged. There is a dedication to purity and an intensity of flavor in their chocolate which is very unusual."