Monday, August 31

the weekend that was.

my weekend was fun.
saturday i finally visited nook and it was amazing!
it was as if i'd stocked it, everything in there was perfect and lovely and i needed it.
went out for dinner for my friend mark's birthday which was really good.
seeing all my friends in one spot was a rare treat!
sunday our new pool table got delivered which was exciting and i spent the whoooooooole day in the garden.
thirty minute bunnings break at lunch time and back into it til dinner.
every bone in my body is aching, i am sunburnt and covered in splinters but the garden looks amazing.
i have never gardened in my life (or had a garden to) but yesterday i trimmed hedges, completely replanted my herb tub, cleared out and replanted the veggie patch and set up all our pretty new garden lights :)
so rewarding.
i even had time to catch up on some reading last night (omg crazy!)

here's what i'm reading and also, my nook goodies.

Friday, August 28

ella flyer.

i'm working on a flyer for the cafe at the moment.
it will be for general distribution to places like info desks and tourist centres etc.
it's going to print soon but still not sure i'm happy with it.
what do you think?




i got tickets to
soundwave 2010 and i am so excited.
it's only the third year of the festival (and my third year too) and each year it never ceases to amaze me with it's awesomeness.
jane's addiction, eagles of death metal, isis!
oh yes.

my heart, it breaks.

happily wondering through fffound this morning i came across a nine inch nails poster, awesome.
man it is a cool poster.
but, after closer inspection i found it was not so awesome.
wave goodbye tour?!
that is a scary scary name... even though they're just saying it's the last tour "for a while" i am still stessed.
and who cares if trent has been making nin music for 20+ years, i want moooooooooooooore.
anyway, yes.

image fffound.
p.s i got my language settings worked out, after a very frantic hour of trouble shooting (yay).


my blogspot home page is in another language.
i didn't change anything, i just logged on like i do every day and it was all in dutch? or something equally confusing?
does anyone know how to change the language back?
only me.

Thursday, August 27

pocket carnival.

okay, so i know i have heaps of favourites but seriously, this is my favourite.
melbourne crafty lady penny is the talent behind pocket carnival.
she does very very cute drawings and uses them on totes, purses, brooches and cards etc. (i love them all equally).
i just bought three purses from her etsy store, they are the best.

see more of her stuff on her blog or in her store.


this saturday i am hoping to visit nook.
i have been meaning to go for ages but this weekend i am going to try to fit it in.
nestled in the goodness that is west end, nook is a little shop of wonders selling hand made goods.
this excites me.
maybe it will be my new nesting bird?
either way, i have no doubt i will love it.
what are you doing this saturday?
nook... do it.

today i've ffffound.

all images

Wednesday, August 26

studio violet.

every day that goes by, i am falling more and more in love with crockery.
it disturbs me.
i wish i could go back a few years and tell my future self how spastic i go over a rose painted tea cup! (of course i would have totally shunned my future self).
studio violet are my newest loves.
lot's of pretty, tiny, delicate, soft and lovely ceramic pieces, stamps, posters and journals.