Thursday, September 30


love x eternity plus one.

mauve naif.

i adore this grosse face collection from mauve naif.

this year i will try not to.

design trends are contagious, here's a cool zine about dudes trying to avoid them.

john's phones.

with everyone so obsessed with smart phones right now, it's cool to see a phone that's just a phone.
no screen, no texting, just numbers for dialing.
who would have thought, a telephone just for making telephone calls!
they even come with a slot in the back with a pencil and paper for writing down phone numbers.
how crazy is that?!
i love this idea, a product to keep things simple, to sloooooooooooooow doooooooooow.

Tuesday, September 28

satomi kawakita.

i don't plan on getting married, but if i ever did, i know where i'd be heading.

patterns for colouring.


oh i do love a good colouring in session.

postcards to my parents.


i would enjoy receiving one of these postcards.


bookhou textiles = don't mind if i do.