Tuesday, August 30

where they create.

following on with my obsession of looking through people's homes (via the internet, of course...), this site gets a big fat hell yes from me :)


Monday, August 29

the commission project.

i saw the commission project mentioned on oh joy! and black*eiffel (two of my faves) and finally made my way over to check it out.
basically you send in a picture and it's returned to you as an amazing painting.
like, amazeballs amazing.
i don't normally get into painting that much but this is serious skill.

.*drags out the ever-expanding when-i-win-lotto list.*


Sunday, August 28

mag chair.

i love it!!
i have a gazillion magazines flowing from my bookcase and this is clearly my next step.
*adds it to the when-i-win-lotto list*
hopefully by the time i am rich, it's available in a non-leather version!
via frankie.


Saturday, August 27

hollie martin.

i saw hollie's awesomeness (very hannah smith-like) in frankie, thanks frankie!


Friday, August 26

louisa parris.



how cool are these scarves!?
found via design for mankind.


Thursday, August 25

wit & whistle.

dear super cool paper goods from wit & whistle,
please be mine.


Wednesday, August 24

goodbye poster.

this awesome poster by joseph king is "a grid of goodbye moments from film organised by similarity in theme and composition."

i love it!


Tuesday, August 23


i bought a ticket to harvest festival a few weeks ago and it just arrived!
i am so excited to see portishead.
they're one of the last bands i haven't seen live that i love and it's going to be magical.
of course bright eyes and the national will be great too :)

pic of beth from here.


Monday, August 22

Wednesday, August 17

Sunday, August 14

Saturday, August 13

kirath ghundoo.

amazing wallpaper designs from kirath ghundoo, found at seesaw.


Friday, August 12

donna wilson.

i love how pattern orientated donna's new stuff is, need 1x everything please.