Friday, July 10


it's friday again, already.
time is escaping me.
this is not so bad as it means that curvy 09 has arrived!
i love curvy.
rather then me rambling on for hours about it, i will let yen tell you a few things;

"YEN brings you an exhibition and book featuring 120 of the most exciting female graphic artists and illustrators in the world.

Your favourite annual ALL-GIRL art book, CURVY - created by the team behind YEN MAGAZINE - has been kicking up a creative storm since 2003 and we are now thrilled to unveil the fantastic 6th edition.

CURVY remains an international favourite amongst lovers of art and supporters of female artists. For the past 5 years the book has featured 100 of the most exciting female graphic designers and illustrators from over 20 countries around the world. In 2009 we've gone even further - featuring 120 artists from 39 countries; what was once curvy, is now getting even curvier.

CURVY is a must for anyone passionate about graphic art and illustration that wants to be inspired by a new generation of outstanding female creative talent. Produced by YEN magazine - CURVY kicks off April 2 in Sydney & consists of a cool limited edition book, an exhibition of an amazing new guard of female artists and a national event tour."

curvy showcases some amazing local lady talent.
courtney brims.

caitlin rigby.

elana mullaly.

ellen stapleton.

bel johnstone.

yuki nakano.

it's going to be an amazing night, so if you're in the valley (shudder*) tonight, make sure you stop in at nine lives gallery for a look.

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Anonymous said...

oooh elana mullaly = freaking amazing! love love looove