Friday, May 28


this is extremely hard for me to contain my excitement.
i will calmly tell you to please visit
harmony (an online drawing pad) as it is wonderful and you can make wonderful art but what i'm really saying on the inside is "OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! THIS IS SO EFFING AWESOME!!"
so yes, found via
sub-studio, harmony has brought me much joy and wonder.

Wednesday, May 26

i lay my hat and wish to stay.

i love seeing inside other people's homes.
i can sit here all day and look at decorating blogs and sneak peaks, dreaming of a place i'd like to one day own.
timber floors, inspiration walls, shelves of old vinyls and books, natural light, soft bedding... i love it all.
so i was fairly over-joyed when i found
i lay my hat and wish to stay, a blog of pretty homes.

present & correct.

stationary lovers rejoice, i have found heaven.


i love love love this connect the dots postcard from crtten (found via the eiffel).
it sort of reminds me of the 2010 calendar i made.
connect the dots is totally making a come back :)

all that glitters aint gold.

i love this insanely awesome work found over at behance.
this is the coolest way to get depth perception in a print that i've ever seen!
totally my new creative crush :)

and check out this short stop motion film that goes with it!

All That Glitters Ain't Gold from MR MAZE on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 20

breakfast out.

of all the meals to dine out on, breakfast is by far my favourite!
what better way to start the day then sitting in a cosy cafe with fresh chai and letting someone else cook for you!?
or even better, being able to go about your day and leave the dishes for someone else!
yep, i love love love going out for breakfast.

of course i had a small fit when mishy put me on to breakfast out.
a whole website of breakfast reviews, pics, maps and general goodness (all within a super cool site design).
sadly brisbane is not included, but i still spent a solid hour or so looking up places in melbourne for my trip in two weeks :)
breakfast out, i love you.

Tuesday, May 18

more future homes.

via le sponge, of course.

Monday, May 17


beautiful textile designs from patapri.