Monday, June 29

weekend and week ahead.

good morning :)
how was your weekend?
mine was wonderful.
i won't bore you with every mundane detail, but it included;
  • a new oliver wilde book
  • lot's of chai latte's (so obsessed at the moment)
  • the lovely kelvin grove markets
  • an afternoon with my family, which i don't get to do often enough!
  • craft club - i managed to spend no time crafting and most of the day eating apple tea cake and playing nintendo (craft fail)
  • lot's of good dvd's, my favourite being the reader, with kate winslet - such an amazing film!
now i am back in work world which is not much fun at all.
i have so much to do.
currently getting some things together for my mum's new cafe, cafe ella.
re-branding a whole business turns out to be pretty time consuming.
i've never built a website before so it's a slow mission but i finally got the temporary page up last week :)

as soon as i get these business cards off to print i am onto a logo design for my friend corey.

as soon as i finish i will come straight back here and post pretty things... i am officially addicted to blogging.

1 comment:

kitty said...

hey there!
I used to live in kelvin grove many moons ago.
the branding for your mum's cafe is great, nicely detailed yet still simple.
Thanks for your lovely comment. It is certainly a beautiful life change.
have a lovely week.