Sunday, July 19

do i have to go to work tomorrow?

this weekend has been too much fun.
i wish i could have just one more day.
the exhibition on friday night was amazing, the post-exhibition dvd with ned and nia was a treat.
dinner at dads on saturday was tasty then felinedown played an awesome set later that night.
didn't get home til 3am this morning and had to get up for brown owls, but it was so worth it.
i had a lovely morning with some crafty ladies and finally started my miss buttons softie.
pub for lunch, went to goma which was awesome (as always) came home and worked on miss buttons and had the tastiest pizza capers for dinner with mum.
i can feel a severe case of mondayitis coming on...

ashley was in on gig goodness.

walking back to the car from goma.

miss buttons to be.

this'll teach me for not using a sewing machine.

yay! legs!... now only everything else to go...


edward and lilly said...

cute little legs! Good on you.

Jetta's Nest said...

Oh Amy, you're sewing this by hand....bless your cotton socks (or black tights, whichever) ;)


angela said...

Awww, Miss B!!! She's gonna be a beauty :)

Cute legs!!