Thursday, June 28

tressel table co.

yay - my friend's new project has finally gone live today!
hello, tressel table co. - the best looking tables around.
these guys have it all worked out, a quality/stylish product that real people can afford.
i am the person that likes ikea furniture but have wasted so much money on things to watch them fall apart while drooling over designer pieces but the closest i get is fogging up the shop window holding my empty wallet.
these tables are going to make a lot of people happy.

i am already dreaming up a new house to fit around it.


Wednesday, June 27

home dreaming.

yeah so this amount of perfection is exhausting.
indoor jungles ftw.


tattly vegetables.

these fake veggie tattoos are awesome!
i'm currently working on a new tattoo design and now all ideas have turned edible :)

thanks bloesem.


Thursday, June 21

taco truck.

that's right, i am a taco lady.
it's awesome but sadly the deep-fried potato taco is as delicious and diet-unfriendly as it sounds and i am addicteddddddd.

tonight we'll be at emily green and lucy hall's new scarf launch, which is very handy as i was planning on going anyway :)


alyson fox.

how cute are these new ceramic pieces by alyson fox for ink dish?
thanks design*sponge, for your lovely share.


Tuesday, June 19

home made tattoo gun kit.

i know a cool dude who made a cool thing.
a home made tattoo gun kit to be exact.
just got his site up, along with a feature on the thousands and the smith journal cover (along with a feature story)!
so exciting watching this awesome project come to life.


Sunday, June 17

Wednesday, June 13

p + k new cards.

loooooooove these new peaches + keen business cards.
so simple and effective, this is filed into the 'why didn't i think of that!?' folder.


Wednesday, June 6

terrible twos.

this is where i'll be tomorrow, yes indeed.


Monday, June 4

peaches + keen.

pretty happenings on the peaches + keen blog and cute hangers from the shop.