Friday, April 30



brisstyle twilight markets.


Thursday, April 29


well it
seems simple doesn't it?

a simple pledge.

i desperately love this poster from lure design.

darren henderson.

darren henderson paints really cool owls and has a show on at the gorker in fitzroy tonight (why always melbourne and never brisbane? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?)
so, if you're lucky enough to live in melbournio, get there and live for me.
thank you.

in the spirit.

the show is tomorrow, i am getting pumped via my perfectly perfect new desktop wallpaper.
unproductive news is that i've already wasted hours just staring at it.
every time i close a file those two little faces pop out again, i love it.


i found this absorption pasta recipe on le sponge and have decided it encapsulates everything i've ever loved.
will i be making it tonight?
yes indeed.

my other future homes.

i can't believe people actually get to live in these beautiful spaces.
one day!
via, you know it, the

Tuesday, April 27

hannah at nine lives.

this weekend it's finally here, the hannah smith show i've had patiently waiting on my calendar for months.
i absolutely love love love her work and have posted a few of my favorite pieces here before.
this friday night she is having her first solo show in brisbane at nine lives gallery (the home of all things good).
so do yourself a favour and check it out, i will be there, with many many bells on.


this is a post for lela, my soul mate.
i got to work this morning after three days of total hell to find the smallest, sweetest most lovely email from her.
just letting me know she loves me and with the attachment of a totally rad picture.

she always knows exactly what to say and makes my heart so happy.
so lela, i love you, you are the sweetest, coolest, most talented, stylish, loving and perfect person in my life.
i miss you every day.

Friday, April 23

dottie angel.

oh my gosh, seesaw just introduced me to dottie angel and i am in love.
the pictures on this blog are soooooooo perfect.
i have just devoured about two hundred of them and had to seriously force myself to only post fifteen of them on here.
my goal in life is to have a home that looks this nice, and warm, and sweet and comforting :)

Wednesday, April 21

the small stakes.

dear small stakes,
please let me have a millionth of your coolness, i feel it would benefit me greatly.
yours, amy.