Friday, July 3

cailan burns.

when i was in melbourne i managed to find my way into the japanese sock shop in northcote.
the socks were cool, as were the beanies, shirts, scarves etc.
i would have walked out without even noticeing the posters on the walls if they weren't pointed out to me.

jeff - "amy look, look over here, look how cool this is"
me - "in a sec" i continued inspecting the wonderful t-shirts.
Jeff - "amy seriously, come check this out"
me - "i said in a (turns around to see what he's going on about)... oh. my. god."
the coolest posters i'd ever seen.

heart monsters!
this wasn't usually my style, but something about that sneaky little guy ripping his chest open and unleashing a swarm of hearts just got to me.
i also loved his big chompy brother.
so i bought both of them, A1 prints for only $30ea!
they are now happily adourning my living room walls, and make me smile every time i see them.

cailan burns is the genius behind these works.
i spent hours on the net searching for more of his stuff but it's hard to find!
this site however, showed me a couple more pics :)

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