Tuesday, January 31

sarah parkes.


this lady is stupidly talented.
thanks lucy for sharing the love!

Monday, January 30

wall appreciation.

miss moss enjoys these minakani walls and i really do too!


Tuesday, January 24

house love.

beautiful spaces, via design*sponge of course.


Friday, January 20

wasted dream II.

well, you know how i love alex gillies?
he's part of an awesome looking exhibition next month called wasted dream II.
i am excited :)


Thursday, January 19

Wednesday, January 18

beci shrooms.

things i love;
• mushrooms
• wood
• things you can put things in
beci orpin

too good to be true.


Tuesday, January 17

amber ibarreche.

awesomeness by amber, via the always jealous curator.


Monday, January 16


oh my god.

Sunday, January 15

beci orpin.

so my greatest design hero ever, beci orpin, has a new book out.
there is no way this can be anything less than fantastic.
beci is also guest blogging on the design files so that's well worth a read also.
how does she do it?
too much awesome for one person i think.
pics via lucy.


Saturday, January 14


clearly portlandia is hilarious and i have watched every episode a million times.
check out this awesome feature on design*sponge!


Friday, January 13

zadok ben david.

i think i need some of zadok's steel flowers in my house.
via the jealous curator.


Saturday, January 7

new level of awesome.

you know how i am always stalking cool houses?
well, this is a new level of cool.
kate said she was super jealous of this place and i took it as a challenge, being all "oh i'll show you jealous".
well, oh my god.
it's perfect!


Thursday, January 5

home dreaming.

this melbourne home on the design files = wow.

Tuesday, January 3



do you live in brisbane?
are you vegan/vegetarian, animal/planet-loving or health consious?
i've put up some new reviews on my other blog - vegawesome!
we found some tasty new places to eat in brisbane over the holidays and i want to share the awesomeness :)