Thursday, July 2


tonight i went to see my friend corey give a reading at talk to you never.
it was awesome! 
the writers gave wonderful readings and were all dressed up to suit the part.
i was really impressed with their style/humour/social commentary, and they apparently perform at the fringe festival, so i will definately be going to that.
writers aside, it was always bound to be good, being at the new state library at southbank which happens to be next door to my favourite building in brisbane - goma.

so pretty (not done justice by phone pictures, i really need to get used to carrying my camera on me... meanwhile, please excuse the grainy pics).

such good lines.

there was a lovely city view from the balcony (which was freezing).

inside was, the great walls of china! (giggedy giggedy giggedy).

lovely china sets...

all the way up to the roof! (heaven?).

the mirrored roof i should mention (random, dirty... i like it).

the (thoroughly entertaining) host on his balcony.

corey in action, yay him!

me - "hi ashley, nice beanie." ashley - "thanks, just got it off etsy." me - *mental stab* note to self, find that beanie.

eccentric poets, what every thursday night needs.

go team.

glen and brodie, lovin it..

ashley and the writer.

on the way back to the car i saw ivy on a wall... i love ivy...

then the ivy turned in the statue of liberty! weird.

got home, decided eating the poster would be best.

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frog_on_a_log said...

yay! photographic evidence that TTYN occurred!

beanie =

(sorry, i'm not very fancy with the HT and the ML-ing)