Friday, March 30

slanted mansion.

thank you miss moss for introducing me to a new house stalking site!
slanted mansion (awesome name) is the newest home inspiration blog to hit my already huge pile (including my faves: design*sponge, house of commons and of course the selby).


Thursday, March 29


waaaaaaant these shoes from


Wednesday, March 28

Cauliflower and caramalised onion tart.

*Stolen from my other blog - Vegawesome!

Wow you guys, epic recipe win!!
I've had this tart recipe on my 'to cook' list for about a year.
The tofu and nutritional yeast had put me off - I was a bit less into that stuff then.
I was mostly into fresh produce and legumes in the beginning.
A year into veganism and I'm feeling a bit more love for cooking experiments.
So, last night - it was time.
It may have taken two hours to make (am sure it will be faster next time when I'm not obsessively re-reading the recipe) but, absolutely worth it.
Not only was the tart DELICIOUS but it will make a fine lunch today and also won me many love points from the (incredibly spoilt) resident boy :)
PUT THIS TART IN YOU, seriously.

neighborhood studio.

these neighborhood studio prints are awesome.
especially the rain one.
via carnival.

Tuesday, March 27



wow, this branding made my jaw drop.
isn't it completely beautiful!
that letterhead - perfect.
extreme jealousy, love and inspiration going on over here.


Monday, March 26

deus ex machina.

ok, so, i love this shirt.
i really really want it but, it's only available in XXL aaaaand i'd feel a bit fraudy wearing a motorcycle shirt when i have no idea about them.
my dad and his wife are motorcyclists so i thought i could get away with it but then saw the limited sizing.
totally lame-o but oh well, very cool design to save in the inspiration pile.


Friday, March 23


i don't even drink coffee but am considering it after seeing these espresso cups!


Thursday, March 22


look how amazing these illustrations are that miso did for a cookbook!
can't get over her extreme talent levels!


Wednesday, March 21

Tuesday, March 20

diy geometric ornaments.

dear christmas, this year you are going to be great.
via lottie.

Monday, March 19

diy hanging planter.

i've come across so many awesome diy's lately, it's time to share!
hanging planters are pretty hot right now and i love it.
any excuse to have more plants in the house :)
via pip.


Friday, March 16

plant life.

more perfectly amazing homes via the sponge.
indoor plants, they get me every time.


Thursday, March 15

Wednesday, March 14


so my amazing friend (and design role model) lela has this really cool
casio watch.
i really, really love it.
it even made me consider buying a watch which is crazy talk as i pretty much never wear accessories (other than piercing jewellery and cute studs).
then i saw
got an awesome casio watch.
now my obsession has reached a new level.
they're just so aesthetically pleasing!
talk about a first world problem.


Tuesday, March 13

falcon enamelware.

saw this enamelware on design*sponge and have been pining ever since.
roast veggies would just look so much better in these!
i also had to include the branding as it's awesome.


Monday, March 12

dream catcher.

geninne made this dream catcher, i love it.

Friday, March 9

melbourne food adventures.

Stolen from my other blog - vegawesome!

So I just got back from my bi-monthly Melbourne trip and it was amazing, as always.
The most vegan-friendly city in this country always ensures that we eat about six meals a day to cram as much goodness in as possible.
This visit was too short to explore and try some new eateries off my list (getting longer all the time) so we just stuck to the ol' faithfuls;

Cnr Brunswick Street and Rose Street, Fitzroy
1 x vegan pizza - pumpkin, pine nut, soy cheese, rosemary and olive oil
1 x mushroom pizza minus the cheese and plus garlic

273 Smith Street, Collingwood
1 x pot of AMAZING soy chai
1 x monster vegan breakfast - delicious sourdough grain toast, spinach, grilled spiced tomato, homemade hash brown balls, marinated mushrooms, tasty relish and THE MOST AMAZING SCRAMBLED TOFU I HAVE EVER HAD! It's filled with spices and caramelised onion. Not all shown as Jeff stole a lot of it on his plate as we shared this epic meal.

380 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
1 x Crispy baked brown rice balls with satay sauce (holy CRAP these were amazing)
1 x Moroccan pizza with pumpkin, eggplant, olives, mushroom, onion, sesame seeds etc.
1 x portabello mushroom with a rich onion stew, melted soy cheese and quinoa topped with fresh salad

Corner of Flinders Street and Elizabeth Street (also one in Flinders Street Station and one coming soon to Fitzroy!)
Over multiple visits we had;
1,000,000,000 x chips
1 x mini parma burger with napoli, vegan chicken, bacon and cheese
many x original burger - lettuce, mustard, pickles, vegan beef, cheese, mayo and onion
1 x hot dog with mustard, ketchup, pickles, onion and vegan sausage

25 Tattersalls Lane, Melbourne CBD
1 x serve of 20 steamed veggie dumplings
1 x serve of 20 pan fried veggie dumplings (both serves only $6.80ea - BARGAIN!)

Kitchen of Mai
Mai is my friend (and an amazing vegan baker) and does not have an address, sorry!
1 x orange and poppy seed cupcake
About half a cake of apple tea cake - SO. GOOD.

Melbourne - get in it.