Thursday, June 30

perimeter books.


must visit perimeter books on my next melbourne trip, it looks amazing.
the branding, furniture, big window, natural light, wall prints and plants make for the best looking shop i've ever seen.
not to mention the products looks awesome too!


Wednesday, June 29

earth sea warrior.

i really love these lights from earth sea warrior, especially the neon cords!
via studio sweet studio.


Tuesday, June 28


this darkoyo totem piece was my favourite at the i used to skate once show.


Monday, June 27

old house.

sandra posted pics of her old house in gothenburg and they are so perfect.


Saturday, June 25

hearts & bows.

i bought this sweet asian pear scented lip balm the other day and it has finally arrived.
it smells like heaven and i may be re-applying it every two seconds...
hearts & bows makes all natural vegan lip balms and i am totally won over.
i basically bought this because it has cute packaging, was cheap and non-animal tested.
this winter, my lips are winning :)



this necklace = want.


Friday, June 24

matt goold.

speaking of greatness via studio sweet studio, matt goold.
he also has a thing for patterns and i thoroughly enjoy it.


Thursday, June 23

mike smith.

i saw mike's work at studio sweet studio and thought it was awesome.
i love how it's really pattern orientated, so cool.


Wednesday, June 22

i used to skate once.

it's the seventh skate once show this thursday which is crazy!
showing at the usual venue the outpost, it is going to be super awesome.
i am excited to see a few of my faves are contributing.



this house perfection hurts me.
it's basically the greatest.


Tuesday, June 21


ten10 is on this friday at lightspace and looks to be awesome.
axxonn is playing, who i love and so are hunz, who are pretty cool too.
also, i'd like to point out the greatness of lightspace's logo.
many reasons to get your gig on.

noel skrzypczak.

lucy interviewed noel on the design files and introduced me to his awesomeness!


Monday, June 20



when i saw moon & moon (which was amaaaaazing) i found a piece out the back by vexta and fell in love.


Sunday, June 19

claire hartigan.

i went into little jane street yesterday and got this cute bear key ring by claire hartigan.
turns out she's awesome.