Thursday, March 31

it's over...

...and it ended with the best roast veggies and onion gravy i've ever made.
i just finished the thirty day vegan easy challenge.
i consumed/purchased no animal products (including products tested on animals) for a month and it was a sinch - hardly a challenge at all!
if you click the vegan easy catagory at the bottom of this post, you'll see a zillion delicious things that i cooked and ate over the month of march.
i didn't miss or crave meat or dairy once, i lost two kilos, my insides feel amazing and my heart is happy!

i blogged this month long challenge to give an inside scoop on veganism and try to shake the common myth of vegans eating rabbit food and living off salad and lentils.
i think i sucessfully proved that you can eat amazing (and junky) food without a single animal or their by-products being used or killed!
veganism - easier than you think, and the earth will love you for it :)

rant, done.


i love this macramé jewellery from sollis, the mustard necklace is love.


beautiful graphic design work from ortolan.
hire me?
teach me the way?

Wednesday, March 30


love these pieces from minoux, so shiny, want!
found at modish.

rocky top soap shop.

i saw these featured on etsy the other day and totally forgot to mention them.
rocky top soap shop = vegan, awesome scents and awesome packing design.
win, win, win.

amanda wachob.

good and bad news.
good - i found the most amazing tattoo artist in the world.
bad - i now need to go to nyc to get an appointment.
time to start saving a gazillion dollars

found at carnival.

food guilts.

i ate a fair bit of take-away yesterday, tried to make myself feel less guilty by eating grapes...
i even brought leftovers for lunch and everything but the smell of indian, it was too much!
i had a chickpea and potato curry and some spicy eggplant and potato curry with a pakora.
post-pakora and thieving two pappadums from my friend's plate, i ate about three mouthfuls of curry... extra guilt.
dinner was thai sweet potato curry puffs, spring rolls, satay veggies and black bean tofu.

guilty, but satisfied!
p.s pictures are horrible but there was no time to focus, mouthwatering food was waiting.

cover song archive.

i found the cover song archive via booooooom!
it's awesome.
i don't even like fleet foxes, i just these kids!

i also now need to sit in some woods.

Tuesday, March 29


slow days at work + internet access = etsy.
i come to this equation a fair bit...

pretty prints from hillary bird and shiny ring from luckyduct.

matou en peluche.

beautiful prints from
matou en peluche.
i love art deco.

a pretty walk.



yesterday when i was swiftly walking home (to avoid the imminent thunder storm) i noticed how many awesome flowers i pass every day.
i considered stopping and taking pictures but screw that, it was about to get wet.
so i left home a bit earlier this morning to allow for photo taking time and this is the result :)