Sunday, October 31

selby love.

selby is the home of delicious sneak peeks, this one is particularly amazing.

Tuesday, October 26

rik lee.

i saw some of rik lee's work in outre a few years ago and have been in love ever since.

[hu] Man vs Machine.

super amazing amazingness over at [hu] man vs machine.

Monday, October 25

chai with a side of perfection.

hello sandwich is lucky enough to live near this cafe in tokyo and she posted a link to show us what we're missing - check out the virtual tour.

alexa meade.

 alexa meade paints on people, and it looks really, really cool.

weekday carnival.


prints from the carnival = want.


so frankie have released a new mook (magazine/book) called spaces.
basically it's two hundred and fifty six pages of interior heaven.
pretty pictures - tick.
great use of white space - tick.
usual frankie'esque perfection - tick.
a trip into my shopping cart - tick tick.

Tuesday, October 19

confetti system.

dear confetti system,
get in my house.
look forward to seeing you,


i saw these drapes in the greenlaundry shop a few months ago and was totally in love with them.
i saw them again recently and thought "i'm so glad i put them on my blog... wait... did i?... surely... *checks*... omg! *places on blog immediately*
the oatmeal ones are especially pretty.