Monday, April 23


are you as addicted to instagram as i am?
my user name is greygridpaper if you wanna be friends :)


Wednesday, April 18


saw bybonnilu on the etsy home page - fell in love.


Tuesday, April 17

ship & shape.

some of the many things i want from ship & shape.


Monday, April 16

green space.

they always get me with the indoor plants.
one day i too hope to live in a house jungle


Thursday, April 12

lucy folk.

i thoroughly enjoy the fact this this is called 'taco bracelet'.
oh i also enjoy the way that it's awesome.
thanks lucy.
found via all the mountains.


Wednesday, April 11

Tuesday, April 10

here i come.

so, turns out my dreams are coming true.
i'm finally moving to melbourne, in twenty five days.
i don't have a job or anything, but i got an amazing place to stay and am hoping for the best.
i just quit my job of five years (which i've been dying to do for the last three of them) and am feeling pretty dizzy right now.
i'm excided but also terrified.
first big risk ever taken in my life - happening.
so yeah, hi melbournians, i'm comin' at ya! :D

p.s - please hire me.


Thursday, April 5

robert canali.

how pretty are these pieces from rob canali!?
i'd love a huge blown up version of the top one in my bedroom.
found via booooooom!


Tuesday, April 3


this new sneak peek on design*sponge is preeeeeety.