Friday, November 27


sorry for slacking off post-wise lately, life is distracting.
you'll never guess what i'm doing this weekend... crafting!
that's right, i'm dusting off the old sewing needles and fiiiiinally finishing miss buttons! (may have had a six month break between sewing her and stuffing her... it happens).
the other highlight of le weekend is no anchor.
i love this band live, so much.
so i am off to get my dance on, happy weekend :)

Wednesday, November 25

isaac tobin.

beautiful designs from isaac tobin.

hi how are you.

i've been busy, doing nothing.
i don't know where i've been.
time has passed but i have nothing to show for it really.
decemeber it getting closer and we all know what comes with it, so i guess i've been busy wasting time before i know i can procrastinate no longer?
gifts to make, gifts to buy, plans to be made, swimming to be done, summer is here.

so, just one more day of nothing, okay?
here are some pretty things i've found today.

from yimmy.

from cherry green.

from but does it float?

Thursday, November 19

luke byrne.

beautiful photos from mr byrne.

Wednesday, November 18

southern times.

i am back.
i wish i wasn't.
sure it's good to sleep in your own bed and all that... but i woke up to an empty pantry instead of hot chai and cafe delights.
no matter how many times i visit melbourne i can't shake my brisbane blues when i get home.
self pity aside, the trip was amazing.
about six months too short as always.
i saw my beautiful friends, went to two amazing gigs, ate enough delicious food to feed a regular human for three years and bought lot's of shiny things.
now i am sitting in my cold office looking through pictures and dreaming of soul food chai.

here are some of my favourite times.

thank you quiet hello for getting me on to giraffe cafe, it was amazing!

my happy place.

i love you.
and you too dumplings.

casiotone for the painfully alone was, awesome.

this rabbit won my soul.
i sat in front of this pet store for about forty minutes in awe of it's insane cuteness.
did you know you get fined thirty thousand dollars for having a rabbit in queensland?
worth it.

my melbourne home :)

pizza... we ate a lot.

on to the shiny things.
amazing chopping gift goodness.

pretty japanese paper.

aural love.

best notepad ever.

terribly out of focus pic of my new scotty dog brooch, it makes me happy.

i'm finally going to stop saying i want to read the classics and just read them.

oil jar of gifty goodness.

the girliest shoes i've ever owned... there's a good chance they will never be worn but just admired from afar.

pink and gold pattern = yes.

every time i go to the rose street markets i want to buy one of these so this time, i made it happen.
can't wait to put it on a chain, what could possibly be cooler then wearing a plant?
that's right, nothing.