Friday, July 3

able and game.

i love able and game.

i found them at the rose street markets earlier this year and was instantly smitten.
the drawings are cool, the typography is cool, the attitude is the coolest.

i could go on about them all day, but i'll let them do the talking instead;
"Able and Game is a stationery label that began in 2008 by Anna Blandford and Gareth Meney. In the lead up to Valentine's Day 2008, Anna made some handmade cards featuring dorky boys making big statements of love. After running out of romantic ideas she sought help from Gareth, who proved a wealth of knowledge on all things romantic. Anna is the able and Gareth is the game and the new range of cards will be available for Valentine's Day 2009."

i think this one is particularly hilarious, i wish i could buy hundreds and hand them out at rics.

this is my favourite, it's too perfect for all occasions.

if you're not a melbournite that can visit their stall at the rose street markets, go visit their etsy.
you won't regret it.


Martta said...

The noodle one is hilarious! I've lived in Melbourne for a year or so now and for some reason Frankston is a big no no. One day I'll find out why or at least see what it's like. A field trip ahead I think.

Kylie said...

These are so fab - my favourite is 'going to zone two' -that's soooooo funny! K

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I love their work too! I bought the "Thanks for the lift" card for my mum for mother's day this year.

Katy said...

Love them too - i bought the Star Trek card for my husband because it was completely applicable to us :-)