Saturday, July 18

catherine campbell.

oh how i wish i was in melbourne right now.
the ridiculously talented catherine campbell has a show on for another week and it looks amazing.

in love?
here's her website, blog and flickr.

p.s the alex gillies exhibition was amazing.
his work was even cooler in person and i loved every single piece.
i was determined to get their as soon as i finished work, but due to the whole of southside brisbane traffic being at a stand still yesterday afternoon, i was a bit late and most of the pieces had sold :(
within one hour of the show opening he'd sold almost everything on display!
if you're in the valley over the weekend, make sure you stop by nine lives and have a look, your eyes will love you for it.

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Kylie said...

OMG... how gorgeously beautiful is this work?! My mouth is still open...! Thanks for sharing this. K