Monday, June 22

vignette press.

thanks to frankie magazine, i found a great australian publishing company called vignette press.
i bought some really cool books from their store called the death mook and the sex mook.

i can't wait until they arrive.
some of my favorite frankie contributors are amongst the pages along with many wonderful artists.

to give you an idea of what they're all about, here are some quotes from the site;
re: the death mook - "In a culture both death-denying and death-obsessed, The Death Mook creates a space for writers and artists to talk about death in creative and unorthodox ways. Thus, this collection of essays, stories, vignettes and illustrations contains some provocative, engaging, beautiful and downright crackpot perspectives."

re: the sex mook - "
Bringing together the voices of over 60 people, this collection of articles, creative stuff and how-to guides presents an unusual take on the topic of sex. It would be duplicitous to claim this book was any kind of authoritative guide. But what it does have are hugely diverse - and much more entertaining - views on sex than is usually found in mainstream media. There’s no airbrushing, no censorship and no one telling you what’s right or wrong. IT’S REAL SEX: IN ALL ITS LEAKY, FUNNY, NOISY, CONFUSING GLORY."

there is a link on the site that enables you to download a sample pack of each book, i love a bit of try before you buy.

i bought the pack of both books for $25 with free postage, awesome.

check out vignette press at

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REread said...

welcome to blogging ... and those books look great ... having a look at their site now