Thursday, March 3

vegan (too) easy, day two.

so turns out being vegan doesn't stop me from eating delicious junk food.
this is not cool.
how can i give up so much bad stuff and still have the junk food guilts!?
i thought the weight would sliiiiide off me this month but turns out i still need to posess a touch of will power.
it's too easy to still indulge in tasty bad things.
damn you heavenly dairy-free chocolate and damn you vegan-friendly nandos!
the peri peri chips, i have a serious addiction.

anyway, behold the tastiness of yesterday.
the tom yum was my favourite.
today = salad rolls, healthy dinner, a big exercise session and hopefully less delicious guilt.

p.s i can see why people think that vegans eat rabbit food and have limited options with take-away but yeah, i am accidentally out to prove them wrong?


Suzanne said...

Nandos is vegan?!? Go Nandos!!

Serious Nandos is the best. I just moved in a block away from one, DANGER.

me. said...

Yeah Nando's veggie patty is vegan! Just remember to ask for no mayo and you're set :) Also remember to get heaps of peri peri chips as they are beyond delicious.

Sadly Hungry Jack's patties have cheese in them :( Probably for best seeing as I was HIGHLY addicted.