Monday, March 21

common good.

i found these common good products this morning, pulled by their visually pleasing nature.
looking further into it, turns out these products are perfect.
100% biodegradable, plant based, dye/bleach/fragrance-free and re-fillable from bulk containers at the shops (usa only).
the only thing i was unsure of was animal testing.
although i guessed they would be cruelty-free, i emailed just to make sure before spreading the word.
got a quick response and was very happy.
"We never test anything on animals. Our mission at Common Good is to make the world a better place - better for people, animals, fish, plants, everything - in any way we can. "

sounds good to me :)

p.s does anyone know of any other hand soaps that are cruelty-free?
i can only find the nature's organics one in apple scented and am so over it.
i spent a good 15 minutes in the soaps/detergents isle at the shop the other day searching for soap and out of a whole freakin isle there was only this one (nature's organics) that wasn't tested on animals.
so wrong, so annoying!

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