Monday, March 7

easy vegan weekend one.

my weekend in pictures;
  • a book i am reading, i'm deeply in love with mr. fry.
  • my favourite plant and wooden duck.
  • a pretty sheet that thinks it's a curtain.
  • recent op shop delights.
  • pictures that my friend took. we had the most perfect day at the beach.
  • my weekly breakfast indulgence of spaghetti on toast.
  • delicious home-made garlic bread.
  • the most amazing vegan chocolate cake.
  • food and wine night with my friends, they thoughtfully left their cheese at home.
  • beyond delicious guac.
  • loving hut treats for lunch. too too tasty, am now obsessed with their choc banana smoothies. deep fried salt and pepper mushroom may also be on my addiction list. p.s it's really creepy eating vegan  protein chunks that look, feel and taste a lot like beef. delicious, but creepy.

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