Tuesday, March 8

vegan easy day seven.

finally, a healthy day of eating.
i had some specially made mayo-free avocado sushi for lunch with miso soup.
what you don't see is the sushi post-photo, drowned in soy sauce and chilli.
too delicious.

vegan yum yum cookbook arrived yesterday and i excitedly chose a recipe for dinner, it turned out to be a massive win.
soy mirin marinated tofu with snow peas and satay sauce.
i added zucchini and mushrooms to the mix and served on a bed of brown rice.
as i am obsessed with the satay veggie dish at my local thai place
sings, so i had no doubt in my mind that my satay would not compare.
oh my god, it compared!
i mixed it all up then stared at it, worried about how it would taste.
dipped the spoon in and had a small fit.
continued to eat half of the sauce while the rice cooked.
i am the satay master.

p.s check out the cute ivy i bought yesterday, i feel it compliments my cookbook :)


edward and lilly said...

How good is vegan yum yum, I haven't made this one yet but it looks delish!

me. said...

I HIGHLY recommend Bec! The satay is TO DIE FOR. I plan on making it as a dipping sauce in future :)