Wednesday, March 2

breakfast dinner.

i've eaten the same thing for breakfast every weekday for over three years and still look forward to it every time.
nine grain vitawheat crackers with nuttelex and vegemite.
simple yes, boring no.
so tasty, so quick, so surprisingly filling!
so yes, interesting breakfast pictures will be a rarity :)

dinner at ben's last night worked a treat for day one of veganism.
veggie spring rolls (that i enhaled way too quickly to photograph), veggie fried rice minus the egg (with about a litre of soy sauce and chilli added post-photo) and veggie chow mein.
must. have. more. crispy. noodles. now.

1 comment:

pigeon said...

omg omg omg.
vitawheats with vegemite are THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD.

that is all.