Thursday, March 3

a good day.

so, there's this little salvo's down the road from my work and i spend a lot of time there.
so much time that my collegues know where to find me if needed...
the reason this op shop is so particularly wonderful, is that no one knows about it!
it's in an industrial estate and i am sure it's my business that keeps them going, that's why i must go there three times a week.
no choice really, do you want them to lose their jobs!?
that is the question i ask my boss... three days a week :)

anyway, today i hit the jackpot.
insisting i needed to walk my salad rolls off, i strolled down to see if there were any fabrics i could make curtains out of (having floor to ceiling louvers has a serious, blinding downside).

i may have had a small fit of delight when i got to the linen section of the store.
so much so that the staff checked on at me.
they think i am a very strange girl, always going in there, buying floral fabrics, ceramic animals and doilies.
they don't realise old is the new new!
so, where was i?
oh yes, the fabrics of my dreams.
i got this whopping big pile of stuff for $22.
i also got a lovely mug for $1.

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