Monday, March 21

easy vegan weekend three.


tasty weekend treats;
  • delicious udon noodle teppanyaki from my new fave - sushi kotobuki
  • accompanied by edamame, spring rolls, avocado sushi and veggie tofu sushi
  • sizzler salad bar, just manageable
  • iga home brand swiss dark chocolate, so so good
  • brown rice avocado sushi and miso from sushi sushi
  • toasted sourdough with fresh guacamole and roasted tomatoes from my new local in stones corner - lady marmalade. hard to get a seat but if you do, you are greatly rewarded. it's amazing.
  • table number for lady marmalade - creepy one legged corn. i like it.
  • an all-too-regular dose of nandos peri peri chips
so lot's of takeaway but still, another kilo lost!
veganism is working wonders :)

also, that chocolate came to the movies with us.
saw griff the invisible and loved it!
i adore aussie films.

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