Thursday, March 31

it's over...

...and it ended with the best roast veggies and onion gravy i've ever made.
i just finished the thirty day vegan easy challenge.
i consumed/purchased no animal products (including products tested on animals) for a month and it was a sinch - hardly a challenge at all!
if you click the vegan easy catagory at the bottom of this post, you'll see a zillion delicious things that i cooked and ate over the month of march.
i didn't miss or crave meat or dairy once, i lost two kilos, my insides feel amazing and my heart is happy!

i blogged this month long challenge to give an inside scoop on veganism and try to shake the common myth of vegans eating rabbit food and living off salad and lentils.
i think i sucessfully proved that you can eat amazing (and junky) food without a single animal or their by-products being used or killed!
veganism - easier than you think, and the earth will love you for it :)

rant, done.

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