Thursday, March 10

dumpling night.

so since we visited melbourne a few months ago, my friends and i have been obsessing over dumplings, hard.
enter, dumpling night.
i looked through about a million online recipes, blended my favourites together, grabbed some ingredients and got to work.
for a first attempt (both at making dumplings and using my digital steamer), i have to say they were spectacular!
i can't believe i cooked dumplings that tasted just like the ones at shanghai!
we ignored the incredible ugliness of them, drowned them in soy/chilli and devoured the lot.
i am thinking last night was the first of many, many dumpling nights to come :)


Suzanne said...


(love the blog!)

me. said...

Thanks Suzanne! They certainly don't look very nice with that camera flash but they were SO delicious :) I'm glad you like my blog, I get almost no comments/feedback so it's greatly appreciated!! x

Katie Day said...

Amazing! I am totally in for next Dumpling Night!