Wednesday, March 23

rice paper rolls.

i love making/eating these but man they take a lot of preparation.
i pre-soak the vermicilli noodles and pre-fry the satay marinated tofu.
prepare and organise the fresh produce and begin the assembly line.
my recipe changes every time depending on what i feel like (or what i have in the house).
last night was lettuce, carrot, cucumber, tomato, shallots, fresh lime juice, fresh chilli, crushed peanuts and vermicilli noodles.
i usually include pickled ginger and coriander but totally forgot them last night, too many tasty things to remember!
i also make a dipping sauce with soy, rice wine vinegar, mirin and sesame oil.
it's delicious!
so yeah, how awesome are rice paper rolls, it's how i force myself to eat healthy.

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Katie Day said...

OMG! I was totes planning on making these for dinner tonight, even before I saw this delicious post! Now I can't wait!! I also made DELICIOUS vermicelli noodle salad for dinner last night which was totes AMAZING!