Friday, March 11

dinner fail.

so my friends and i have been wanting to try out this vietnamese place for ages and last night we finally got around to it.
it received amazing online reviews and is always booked out so i had high hopes!
these hopes were sadly crushed as soon as the entree arrived.
of the six pages of menu, there were only a handful of vegan-friendly options and they were all very basic.
i got a clear tofu soup to start, then fried rice sans-egg and crispy fried noodles with tofu and veggies for a main.
the soup looked and tasted horrible, i was so upset!
image how much more upset i was to push the bowl away after one sip and notice the weird white stuff floating in it.
i asked the waiter and much to my horror, it was egg white.
being a clear soup i asked about fish and oyster sauce of which it had none but who puts egg in a clear soup!?
ten days into my vegan challenge and i fail.
i know it was accidental but i still feel miserable.
anyway, out came the mains.
the fried rice was super basic, but still tasty.
the noodles seemed stale and the tofu flavourless!
massive chunks of unseasoned tofu = blergh.
so yes, a sad note today and no tasty pictures :(

thank goodness it's friday, i am going home to make apple and cinnamon pancakes, drowning my woes in maple syrup.
delicious, delicious woes.

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