Tuesday, June 30

keep calm and customise.

i love old propaganda posters.
here are a few of my favorites;

keep calm and carry on has a really interesting history;

during the early spring of 1939 and the war with germany almost inevitable the british government's ministry of information commissioned a number of propaganda posters to be displayed throughout the country upon the outbreak of the war. the plan for the posters was to relay a message from king george VI to his people that all capable measures to defend the country were being taken. using the crown of king george VI as the only graphic element it simply read 'keep calm and carry on'.

the last few months i have had so many birthdays come up.
with minimal money and maximum spare time, i thought i'd make a personally customised keep calm poster for each of my friends.

for tess, a star wars fan

for jeff, a metal devotee

for miranda, a prize winning cup cake maker

and for luke, a flow chart junkie