Thursday, June 25

work excursion.

i just got back from my work excursion.
us designers got the special treat of being taken to see the new world press photo exhibition at the brisbane powerhouse, it was amazing.
i love the annual world press photo exhibition almost as much as i love the powerhouse, that's a lot of love.
the exhibition was intense, too say the least.

there were a lot of photos of war torn countries, flood/hurricane victims, riots and poverty which was incredibly confronting.
not everything was doom and gloom though, my two favorite pieces included crazy close up animal eyes and a tree captured throughout changing seasons.
it's one of those exhibitions that you walk away from but don't stop thinking about for days, which are the best kind.

next stop was burger urge.
this place is easily my favorite burger joint in brisbane.
every time i try to pick a new burger but i just can't go past the lamb, haloumi and pesto. *drool*
the vego version is portabello mushroom with roast capsicum and haloumi, yuuuuum.
the chips are equally drool worthy, hand cut in regular or sweet potato and served with the tastiest aioli!
top that with a black cherry cola and i'm done.

and now i'm supposed to concentrate on work?

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